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Éjszakai élet - St. Mary Street, Cardiff, Wales

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» Amsterdammer (2010-01-07 16:36:35) válasz erre
@DC: dude, the things you've seen in Amsterdam are the English doing some severe binge drinking. Not the Dutch. Bye.
» Official Verdict (2009-07-14 15:04:17) válasz erre
pikeys like this are the scum of the earth
» gazza (2009-07-14 11:32:00) válasz erre
Fantastic makes Dubai look tame, cant wait to get back
» shaming! (2009-07-10 11:20:24) válasz erre
Truly shocking. I'm ashamed I live in Cardiff and beliieve me we're not all like.
» rozi1931 (2009-07-08 21:52:16) válasz erre
» lobotomised guy (2009-07-08 12:41:28) válasz erre
you are a scandal for the whole mankind
» english man (2009-07-06 17:02:54) válasz erre
what do you expect from sheep shaggers???
» (2009-07-06 11:30:45) válasz erre
» asd (2009-07-02 13:19:04) válasz erre
es en meg azt hittem, hogy nalunk van sok szemet...
» DC (2009-07-01 11:27:48) válasz erre
It's easy to find pictures like this ina major city but it does'nt nearly tell the whole story - Cardiff is a quality night out, and this is coming from an Englishman. I've seen far worse in AMsterdam, Prague etc - A LOT worse - crack whores, fights, Drugs etc But the best thing about Cardiff is no matter what the state of the City at night, ot's always spotless by morning
» Chris (2009-06-30 13:58:17) válasz erre
Truly embarrasing. What must people in civilised countries think of us? Drunken ugly, fat, fighting idiots - and that is just the women! I am ashamed. Yes they ARE Welsh, not English but the sad fact is that they are typical of these kind of people thtoughout these islands. Uneducated, boorish, ugly and violent. We are a disgrace.
» (2009-06-29 15:08:28) válasz erre
» szikkancs (2009-06-28 16:03:35) válasz erre
» Jerm (2009-06-26 20:12:05) válasz erre
Welsh cynts
» sopa007 (2009-06-21 12:19:49) válasz erre
» sopa007 (2009-06-21 12:13:11) válasz erre
» BEA (2009-06-18 22:02:43) válasz erre
» ferby77 (2009-06-14 10:32:23) válasz erre